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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
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Health Imaging and Informatics Project Administration

Health Imaging and Informatics Project Administration (UP-603cdr)

$395 is a special introductory price - regular price is $495. This is a completely computer based training program which requires user interaction and can be followed using your own pace. It takes about 8 full hours to complete this course. This course is geared towards professionals that are involved with Health Imaging and Informatics projects such as, but not limited to, PACS systems administration and want to learn how to manage and administer these type of projects. This course also can be used as a preparation for the CIIP certification (see ABII for more information about the requirements and specific exam guidelines). In particular, it addresses the following components of project administration: Procurement background, Project Management fundamentals, steps to follow through the acquisition and implementation process, and details about operations, QI, training and education. In total, it covers about 30% of the CIIP requirements as stated in the Test Content Outline (TCO), i.e. section I, II, III, V, and VI-A . This CD also includes several sample documents, including a sample RFP.

Health Imaging

Regular Price: $395.00
Promotional Price: $277.00




What Are The Contents

  • Introduction to Procurement
    - What is it
    - Key questions
    - Process
    - Group purchasing
    - Exclusive purchasing
  • Introduction to Project Management
    - Project planning
    - Project management
    - Common risks
  • Procurement steps
    - Determine organizational readiness
    + Strategic management process
    + Strategy implementation
    + Key readiness factors
  • Needs assessment
    - Needs analysis
    - QI Procedures
    - Philosophical basis
    - Current approaches
    - Four step quality approach
    - Analysis process and implementation
    - Clarification techniques
    - Methods
  • Determine financial viability
    - Financial analysis
    - ROI
  • Identify project team
  • Create timeline and plan
    - Tools and plans
  • Workflow analysis
  • Federal and local compliance
    - FDA
    - HIPAA
    - MQSA
    - JCAHO
  • Prepare RFP
  • Receive RFP
    - Scoring
    - Response analysis
  • Vendor meetings
  • Site visits
  • Final negotiations
    - Negotiation process
    - Negotiation contracts
    - Fixed seat
    - Financing models
  • Prepare site
    - Ergonomics
    - Lighting
    - Acoustics
    - Cable management
    - Workstation ergonomics
  • Configure equipment
  • Prepare and conduct training
    - Types of training
    - ISD
    - ADDIE model
    - Training needs assessments
    - Learner analysis
    - Adult learners
    - Learning styles
    - Learning objective
    - Methods
    - Implementing training programs
    - Evaluating training effectiveness
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Acceptance testing and final payment








































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