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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
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Health Imaging Management

Imaging & Informatics Operations Management & Project Administration:

This two day seminar on Imaging and Informatics Operations Management and Project Administration teaches operations management and project administration skills which can be applied to Health Imaging and Informatics projects, including PACS systems. The Operations Management component includes organizational roles in the healthcare enterprise, image flow and data integrity as well as monitoring and reporting, migration, and other topics as listed below. The project administration focuses on the purchasing aspects, including project management and education. This course reviews the sections I, II, III, IV-A/C/D/E, V, VI-A/C/D, VIID, VIII-A/B/C/D, as listed in the CIIP test outline covering an estimated 60% of the content.

PACS System Administration:

This course is a typical example of blended learning because it uses books, self-paced CD's as well as face-to-face training, workshop, and an actual site visit to an institution. We also have online programs available for further education. You will get a thorough understanding of all the aspects of a typical PACS System Administrator's job. In addition, one gains the technical background that allows one to do his or her job in a knowledgeable manner. Our seminars are limited with regard to the attendance and are very interactive with a great deal of hands-on throughout the week. In addition, we include several guest speakers from the industry providing their perspective and sharing their experiences .

PACS Advanced Troubleshooting:

This seminar teaches both advanced technical skills and project management skills. It consists of several components: How to install and use PACS Policy and procedures (a set of procedure templates and database is included with the class), how to troubleshoot DICOM connections including on how to evaluate and validate DICOM image headers. This is a hands-on class, we provide laptops for students to use the various tools and exercises. The class size is limited to allow for a true interactive environment .

PACS Clinical for IT people:

This course consists of theory and includes several visuals of actual clinical images to demonstrate the clinical aspects as well as the characteristics of digital modalities such as CT, MR, US, NM, etc.. This course is especially developed for professionals with a non-clinical background such as IT or other, to become somewhat familiar with the terminology and practices in medical imaging .

PACS IT for Clinical People:

This course consists of both theory and includes hands-on exercises. We use actual hardware to demonstrate the various IT components. The audience for this course is students with a clinical or other non-technical background who want to grasp the major components of Healthcare IT to become somewhat conversant with other professionals in this area .

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