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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
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Facilitating Imaging Center Workflows using HL7 & DICOM:

The seminar is designed specifically for professionals that are involved with implementing and supporting the efficient workflow of medical imaging, image management and health informatics in a radiology practice. It will cover in detail how patient flow can be enhanced through the radiology processes.

DICOM in practice workshop:

This is an optional hands-on workshop that is offered as part of the Facilitating Imaging Center Workflows using HL7 & DICOM. This course touches all the DICOM subjects that are applicable to imaging centers. Students will get to use a laptop which is preloaded with DICOM troubleshooting software. The workshop is very interactive and is limited to 15-20 students. Each student will receive a copy of the DICOM Basics text book as well as a complimentary copy of the OT-DICE DICOM simulation software (a $300 value).

HL7 in Practice Workshop:

This is an optional hands-on workshop that is offered as part of the Facilitating Imaging Center Workflows using HL7 & DICOM. Implementing HL7 practically and realistically to facilitate electronic data exchanges between various EMRs, billing systems, and radiology information systems (RIS) will be the focal point of this session. Case studies, real-world implementation experiences, and your specific challenges and scenarios will be the foundation for this workshop.

Comprehensive DICOM:

As an integral part of the lecture, participants will have a portable PC, connect it to a DICOM network, and use a variety of tools to analyze network transactions and DICOM messages. A DICOM validation tool developed exclusively for OTech is given to each participant to use during the workshop and also available on a CD to bring home for applications in a clinical environment.

Comprehensive HL7:

This is especially useful for implementers, service/support engineers, and system administrators. Not only will you get a thorough overview of the HL7 standard, you will get to do hands-on exercises and look at messaging in great detail.

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