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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
You are here: Home PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016

PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 12-16, 2017

NOTE: Register before July 30 & get 30% discount

Course cost for all 5 days is discounted at 2200 $USD instead of 2500 $USD. If you are short of time or money, you can combine the first two days or the last three days together. RegisterNow

  • OPTION-1: Day 1, 2: 1000 $USD
  • OPTION-2: Day 3, 4, 5: 1500 $USD
  • OPTION-3: Day 5 Only: 750 $ USD (Troubleshooting & Hands-on only)
  • ALL INCLUSIVE: Day 1-5: Discounted price for all 5 days: 2200 $USD instead of 2500 $USD

Introduction to Radiography and PACS

Learning objectives: Establish common clinical and technical (Healthcare IT) foundation in concepts and vocabulary. Introduce to the basics of healthcare IT-medical image management, interoperability standards and clinical basics.
Who should attend: Clinical Professionals with little or no IT background, as well as IT Professionals with little medical and healthcare IT experience, Healthcare Managers, System Administrators, Technologists, Radiologists, Healthcare IT Entrepreneurs.

Course Outlines:

  • Computer Basics and Terminology
  • Digital Image Management Basics
    • Patient Healthcare Workflow
    • Medical Imaging Workflow
    • DICOM and HL7 Basics, EHR
  • Clinical Basics and Terminology
    • Human Anatomy, Positioning, Orientation
    • Principles of Imaging Modalities
    • Image Quality and QA/QC

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure

PACS Management

Learning objectives: Introduce to the basics of PACS procurement, implementation project management, operations, system management.
Who should attend: Healthcare Managers, Project Managers, Clinical Data Managers, Business Analysts, System Administrators, Technologists, Radiologists, Entrepreneurs as well as other Clinical and Medical IT Professionals.

Course Outlines:

  • Exercises and Drills
    • Review Questions from Day 1
    • Understanding DICOM and HL7 Data
  • PACS/RIS Management
    • Business Case for Procurement
    • Project Team and Methodology
    • Main Stages of Implementing Filmless Radiology
    • Site Preparation and Deployment
    • Configuration Management
    • Quality and Safety Regulations
    • Maintenance and Administration
    • Supervising Modality Integration
    • Data Migration and VNA Challenges

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure

PACS Administration- Interfacing and Data Protocols

Learning objectives: In depth knowledge of the interface and interoperability standards in medical image management: DICOM and HL7.
Who should attend: Interface Analysts, PACS Administrators and Managers, Technologists with basic IT background, Engineers, Managers of HIT Systems and other leading professionals.

Course Outlines:

  • Computer Networking Basics
    • OSI and TCP/IP
    • Higher Layer Protocols: FTP, HTTP/S
    • Understanding IP Addressing and Masks
    • Understanding Domains: DNS, DHCP
    • DMZ, Firewalls, VPN
  • Advanced DICOM
    • DICOM Data Model
      • Information Object Definitions (IODs)
      • Encoding for Network and Media Interchange
      • Pixel Element Encoding
      • Image Geometry
      • Display Pipeline
      • Non-Image Objects.
    • DICOM- Data Transport Services
      • Association Control
      • Image Storage
      • Query/Retrieve
      • Modality Work-list (MWL)
      • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS)
      • Print
      • DICOM Configuration
      • DICOM Conformance
  • Advanced HL7 V.2 Messaging
    • HL7 V2 Message Structure
    • MLLP; Acknowledgement Message
    • Patient Visit Management
    • Order Management
    • Results/Reports Management
    • HL7 Conformance

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure

PACS Administration- Components, Processes and Workflow

Learning objectives: PACS Fundamentals: Components and Diagnostic Imaging Workflow Management, Image Quality, PACS Maintenance and Administration and the IHE recommendations
Who should attend: PACS Administrators and Managers, PACS Workflow Managers, Technologists with basic IT background, Engineers, Managers of HIT Systems and other leading professionals.

Course Outlines:

  • Exercises and Drills:
    • Review Questions from Day 3
    • Understanding and Defining DICOM Requirements
  • PACS Fundamentals
    • Imaging Service data Model
    • Image Management and Archiving Servers
    • Imaging Modalities
    • Display Workstations
    • Enterprise PACS Architecture
    • PACS performance
    • Diagnostic Imaging Workflow
    • PACS Security
    • Implementation and Administration
    • Image Quality
  • IHE Guidelines

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure

System Administration Workshop (Troubleshooting & Hands On)

Learning objectives: Examine typical issues in PACS interfacing, workflow and data interoperability. Test, analyse and edit images and image management data, monitor and troubleshoot connectivity.
Who should attend: PACS Administrators and Managers.

Course Outlines:

  • Issues in PACS Interoperability
    • Connectivity Layer
    • Presentation Layer
    • Data Mapping and Interpretation
  • Exercises
    • Validating Images
    • Read/Edit Images
    • Send/Receive Images
    • Monitoring and Analysis
    • Troubleshooting Exercises

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure


Professional Competency & Certification Guidelines:

The scope of the course material is designed to help expand the career opportunities of the attendees in the area of PACS administration/management and imaging informatics in general. We provide all attendees with certificates for attendance and achievement, based on their active participation. However, the structure is designed also to allow for attending selectively, focusing on particular topics, required by the various third party certification bodies in the field, like ABII, PARCA etc.

For example, Day1 can be taken independently from the following 4 days. It is a basic level for those without background in either Healthcare IT or Radiology, providing a very good coverage of the requirements for CPAS. The following 2nd day is for those who have orientation in the field of organisation and management- aiming for CIIP. They need to have had experience similar to the one provided by Day 1. The first half of the day will be revewing the previous day. Anyone stepping in straight into the second day can still use the morning to refresh their Healthcare IT and basic radiology through the review questions and drills.

The following 3d and 4th days are advanced level for PACS Administrators. The 3d day can be taken independently from the 4th. It focuses on standards (DICOM, HL7) covering for CPIA, CIIP. The 4th is for those focusing on PACS workflow- CPSA, CIIP. Both can be taken as a required step for the 5th day, which is hands-on and troubleshooting, aiming at CPSM. Prerequisite for 3d and 4th days is to have a basic knowledge in Healthcare IT and Radiology (or having Day 1-2 done or similar experience)

The 5th day is hands-on/ troubleshooting for those already familiar with the DICOM and HL7 standard and the networking basics. Prerequisite is day 3 and day 4 done or similar experience. It is aiming at covering for CPSM.

Disclaimer: Third party certification bodies differ in their requirements and the structures of their tests are dissimilar. Although our teaching and training programme is of the highest quality, attendance on any part or the whole of this course does not automatically guarantee achieving certification with any third party institution which operates independently. Customers attending this course are expected to further complement their knowledge and experience by reading text books, taking computer based courses, attending conferences or taking other forms of continuous professional development before they go for third party certification.



You will get: RegisterNow

  • A binder with handouts of the slides
  • Detailed description and notes from the trainer for each day
  • Certificate of participation
  • Last but not least, morning and afternoon refreshments, and buffet lunch


Registration Deadline: October 15, 2017
Registration Fee: 2200 USD
Venue: Gloria Hotel, Media City Dubai
Date: Nov 12-16, 2017
Timings: 10 am till 4 pm every day.
How to Register: Please click here to register yourself or contact us at info(at)


Training Instructor

Clive DanielClive Daniel

Clive Daniell is a qualified electrical engineer with more than 29 years’ experience in the medical imaging field. He started his career with Siemens Medical where he trained as a CT, MRI and X-ray technician. In 1996 Clive shifted his focus to PACS, RIS and Information Management systems. He was responsible for the implementation of the first digital department in South Africa at Little Company of Mary hospital in Pretoria. Since then Clive has worked continuously in the PACS, RIS industry being involved in the design, implementation, project management and training of many PACS, RIS and Teleradiology projects in Southern Africa. In 2006 Clive started his own consulting company to offer an independent view on PACS and RIS in Africa. Clive has also been involved in many training initiatives including organising the 1st and 2nd African PACS, RIS edu-conference’s held in Cape Town and Johannesburg in 2009 and 2012 respectively.
  • Implementation of the first digital department in South Africa at LCM in Pretoria.
  • Implementation of an enterprise wide web based PACS distributed solution in Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg.
  • Software, workflow and interoperability design of a RIS/PACS solution for the South African private radiology market.
  • Design and implementation of a central reporting solution incorporating 30 remote sites sending to a central PACS archive for reporting. The solution included an enterprise wide image distribution portal.
  • Deployment of PACS and RIS into 3 large tertiary hospitals in the Western Cape Region of South African. The hospitals included Tygerberg, Groote Schuur and Red Cross War Memorial children’ hospitals.

 Worked with the following vendors

  • Siemens Medical
  • Philips Medical
  • Agfa
  • General Electric

 Current activities

  • Medical Informatics consulting
  • Medical Informatics education
  • South African Hospital informatics association council member responsible for PACS, RIS and IHE special interest groups

Training Coordinator

Todd Kantchev, Ph. D.
CPD Registered Presenter

Todd KantchevTodd Kantchev has been working in DICOM/IHE interoperability for more than 15 years. In 1996 he developed one of the first toolkits, implementing the client and the server sides of Image Storage with lossless and lossy compression, Query Retrieve and Modality Worklist as well as Print SCU. He participated in DICOM WG11 and contributed to the community on DICOM news group during the pionieering stages of the first commercial PACS architectures and implementations. His results were reported on Radiology’98 in Birmingham [1]. Later he acquired experience in validating DICOM implementations and training for Merge Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips and other companies worldwide as well as in project managing PACS deployment.

While working in the area of molecular imaging, Todd acquired knowledge and understanding in the areas of Nuclear Medicine (PET and SPECT imaging), RT Planning as well as Image Registration. He was one of the driving forces for improving interoperability in these areas. He participated in WG3 for Enhanced PET and was the draft author of the Image Fusion Profile (FUS) in IHE.

In 2007 Todd became an independent consultant providing training and consultancy for medical companies, healthcare institutions and individuals.

Project Manager: Philips Healthcare
Interoperability Project Manager: Siemens Molecular Imaging, Oxford
System Integration Consultant: Merge Healthcare

PRINCE2 Practitioner
DIC Medical Physics and Engineering, Imperial College, London
PhD Computer Science, Technical University, Sofia
MSc Electrical Engineering, Technical University, Sofia

Roy Foster
Project Management Consultant - Philips Healthcare
Todd worked for me as a Project Manager deploying PACS into London Hospitals as part of the NPfIT Programme. He was a truly excellent PM being clear and concise, empathetic to the customer but yet strong, diligent and hard working and was able to complete all his projects to the required time, cost & quality criteria. I would recommend Todd to anyone.

Roy Foster
September 23, 2010, Roy managed Todd at Philips Healthcare

Sacha Helbig
Product Manager Service at Siemens Healthcare
Todd worked for me from 2002 to 2003 as System Integration Consultant in the MergeLink consulting organization of Merge Healthcare.

Besides Interoperability Consulting and Classes on DICOM Test Tools, Todd's main task was providing DICOM Compliance Testing Service and Interoperability Consulting. Our Client's sought third party assessments on the high quality of their DICOM implementations assuring their clinical customers of best practice in plug and play DICOM connectivity. Todd's ability to comfort our customers, collecting good feedback on his testing services, receiving recurring booking accompanied with savvy testing reports and implementation improvement recommendations supported our business. We wish much luck for Todd in his future life looking forward on meeting him again.

Sacha Helbig
November 18, 2010, Sacha managed Todd at Merge Healthcare


  • T Kantchev, Implementation of DICOM Message Exchange Architecture for Clinical PACS, Radiology 1998, Imaging Science & Oncology, 1-3 June 1998, Birmingham. Programme & Abstracts, Supplement to Volume 71 of British Journal of Radiology
  • T. Kantchev, Interoperability Issues in Image Registration and ROI Generation, DICOM International Conference and Seminar, Budapest 2005


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