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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
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Self Study Packs

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ICT For Health provide self study packages which creates learning environment through online training courses and
electronic media. This option is great if you want your location, scheduling, and learning pace to meet your individual needs. Because these courses do not involve travel, they are very cost effective. Note, however, self study does not provide the personal interaction needed by some to learn optimally, in which case you might want to check on our upcoming face-to-face seminar.

You can either choose from one of our famous self study comprehensive packs below or use our interactive online training courses requiring internet access to our online Learning Management System (LMS).

Healthcare Standards Pack (P-106)

This package is an excellent source for anyone who either works in the vendor or user community to get educated about the standards that are used in the radiology, i.e. the DICOM standard within the department, as well as the communication with the outside world using the HL7 standard.

In addition, because both the DICOM and HL7 standard have several options and a large amount of flexibility, it is critical to agree on certain implementations in the form of profiles such as defined in the Integrating the Health Care Enterprise (IHE), which is included as learning material as well..... Read More

PACS System Administrator Advanced PACS (P-102)

This package consists of the same 3 CD's as the SA Starter pack, and gives in addition, more background information in the form of a CD on Computerized Radiography, one on PACS and one on workflow. These three CD's explain the basic features about these systems and devices and also include interviews with actual users and show the workflow using these systems.

In addition, this package provides more in depth information about the DICOM standard in the form of a CD on DICOM services, so one can determine what kind of DICOM functionality one has or is needed to connect devices to a PACS system, which is even highlighted by the DICOM conformance CD specifically discussing things such as Conformance Statements. The DICOM Basics, HL7, and PACS Fundamentals textbooks are included. This set of 8 CD's and 3 books is an excellent resource for any PACS system Administrator who wants to learn about the specific details about the PACS system and also the connectivity issues.... Read More


Special MENA Prices & Ordering Instructions: ICT For Health provides special prices for our educational products for MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region as compared to our US standard prices.  The postal address to receive these packs must be in the MENA region. Alternatively, you can send money through bank wire/Western Union within the Middle East to the company account and upon receiving the amount, your package will be delivered to you within one week through registered courier service (shipping cost applies).  If you have further questions regarding buying any of our CBT/Self Study packs, please contact us at infoict

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