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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
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Medical Transcription Services

With over 12 years experience in BPO industry, ICT For Health provides high-value Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) and Technology solutions to healthcare providers. By using leading-edge technology, highly trained specialists and complying with legal industry standards, we develop innovative BPO and technology solutions for our clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best. ICT For Health has earned its reputation as a dependable partner with its clients worldwide. ICT For Health employs over 200 BPO specialists in its multi-location facilities who are ready to serve your business needs.

ICT For Health just doesn't provide transcription services but rather a fully integrated dictation & transcription management solution through its whole lifecycle. We combine different departments such as Cardiology, Oncology, Occupational Medicine, Radiology, etc., under one dictation & transcription platform and the benefits realized by our customers are as follows:

  • HIPAA - compliant with their medical records.
  • All patient records are stored in a HIPAA - compliant, electronically secure database.
  • Streamlined back-office operation where medical records staff has a single view into all patient records.
  • By electronically and securely sharing patient records with their primary care physicians, the hospital has eliminated the need to print and fax/mail documents, realizing significant cost savings.
  • Caregivers have access to their patients’ data from anywhere through a secure internet-based application. The hospital staff does not have to print and fax a patient’s record to a physician’s practice as based on security permissions, patient records can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.
  • Rapid turnaround time of 12 – 14 hours from receipt of dictations to the delivery of finished transcripts. STAT dictations are delivered within 2 hours or less.
  • Cost savings of over 20% as compared to the existing transcription management solution.

Highlights of our service include:

Electronic Signatures: To support a paperless document environment, ICT For Health has developed an electronic signature capability for it’s’ dictation & transcription platform.

Dictation Options: We provide options to dictate either through a toll-free number (only in US) or a digital handheld recorder. Both of these options allow convenience to dictate from home, office, cell phone, etc.

Prompts for Dictation: Flexible input using your own prompt codes and User ID’s for the transcription for each physician. The clinicians can have their own user IDs. We also provide telephone digit emulation for a variety of popular dictation platforms such as Scribe and others.

Support: We provide detailed instructions on a wallet sized card for all clinicians. Detailed system user guides and training are also provided to all users of the service. With its multi-location facilities and front office in US, support is only a phone call away.

Turnaround Time: We deliver all documents via our Internet-based dictation & transcription platform within 12-24 hours of delivery depending on our agreement with you. This means that any dictation we receive by 9:00 PM on a given day will be turned around within 24 hours of receipt. STAT dictations are turned around within 2 hours of receipt.

Quality Control: Our operations employ two levels of quality control. After a dictation is transcribed by an experienced MT, it is checked for formatting, spelling, grammar, etc., by a Level 1 QA individual. Following Level 1 QA, the document is checked for medical terminology, drug names, etc., by a Level 2 QA individual. We strive to deliver as close to 100% of a document as possible.

Post-Delivery Treatment of Transcripts: Post delivery, transcripts can be edited and/or printed through our HIPPA-compliant electronic medical record system. The transcripts can also be electronically made available to other facilities/referring physicians instantaneously. Transcripts are available on-line, 24-hours a day, to authorized users via Internet free of charge during the service agreement.

Auto Document Sharing/Faxing: Our internet-enabled electronic medical records system allows sharing of reports (based on security & permissions) with referring/ordering physicians just as soon as the your physicians electronically approve a report online. The ordering physicians have the option to either go online to retrieve their reports or receive a report faxed to them through our auto-fax capabilities (only US). This feature saves time and effort of printing and faxing/mailing a report to an ordering physician and improves your back office processes.

Our value proposition:

Our business targets the Healthcare industry by typically bringing down the transcription costs to providers by more than 20%!! We can offer such cost savings by implementing an innovative technology & process-oriented approach to our business model where a number of items that other transcription companies take for granted, are complimentary as part of our service:

  • You only pay for the actual work performed. As such, items such as a transcript’s header and footer are free of charge.
  • Unlike other transcription companies, we bill on a 65-character line basis as opposed to gross lines. This reduces the number of billable lines by approximately 25%, resulting in an equivalent amount of savings.
  • Free, unlimited use of our state-of-the art, 100% HIPAA compliant dictation & transcription management system. You can review, edit, and approve your transcripts from home, work, or wherever you have an Internet access.
  • We operate in a 100% paperless environment where your dictations and transcripts are handled electronically. You will never have to schedule a courier to deliver tapes to a transcriptionist and pickup finished documents.
  • Our service is extremely efficient with turnaround times as little as two hours for STAT dictation and not more than 12 hours for any transcription including weekends and holidays (subject to agreement).

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