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PACS Administration Seminar and Workshop Dubai, Nov 20-24, 2016
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Document Workflow

Dictation & Transcription Management Solution

ICT for Health represents renowned US based organization Scribe exclusively in the Middle East for its Dictation & Transcription Management System. Scribe Complete is a state of the art web-based technology for centralized, streamlined, cost effective management of all aspects of transcription production. Scribe Complete is accessible to decentralized workers anywhere, anytime worldwide. This state of the art system puts all the tools a transcriptionist needs in one place – just a click away. It delivers unparalleled flexibility in workflow processing and analytical reporting. This patent pending system incorporates MS Word directly into your Internet browser to significantly consolidate and streamline the transcription process for transcription companies, hospitals, and practices.

Document Workflow

Product Features :

  • Intuitive
  • Web native with no special hardware or software to purchase and maintain
  • HL7 compatible for ADT & EMR integration
  • Used by leading organizations such as University of Chicago, Illinois Bone & Joint, and Keystrokes Transcription

Scribe Telephone Dictation Features:

  • Dictate via 312, toll-free or your current number
  • Dictation ID provided after each dictation
  • Customizable phone prompts including work type, MRN, visit id, etc.
  • Customizable keypad and user ids (optional, requires dedicated phone number)
  • No limit to expansion

Scribe Handheld Recorder Features:

  • Works with most digital recorders using standard file formats .mp3, .wma, .dss or .wav
  • Upload files from digital recorder by secure web service, secure portal, email or ftp

Scribe MT Platform Features:

  • Co-branding for MTSOs
  • Flexible to meet your individual needs
  • Customizable work queues and routing
  • Customizable user permissions, groups, etc.
  • MS Word editor
  • Artificial Intelligence for QA
  • Manage templates, address book, and macros at group or user levels
  • Reduced mousing with hot keys
  • Management tools including wizard driven user setup, advanced reporting and dashboards

Scribe MD Platform Features:

  • Inbox with review, edit and digital signature
  • Pending folder with complete document status tracking
  • Perpetual Archive
  • Full ‘Google’ type searches of your entire database
  • Detailed disclosure tracking
  • Listen to voice files online
  • Customizable digital signature
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Detailed reporting based on volume, cycle time, snap shot and quality

Scribe Administrative Features:

  • Wizard driven group and user setup
  • Ability to clone users
  • Customizable permissions for group or user
  • Billing compatible with QuickBooks
  • Advanced reporting including productivity, outstanding, etc.
  • Reports downloadable to Excel
  • Management dashboards
  • Change log

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